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Delivering award-winning K-10 hands-on STEM program that explores real-world phenomena through student-driven investigations and discovery.

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Child-centered “Hands-On” learning activities aligned to the schools’ curriculum and customised to the teachers’ needs.

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About Us

BeeCurious designs and implements learning programs for children, engaging their keen, inquisitive, and imaginative minds via holistic experiential learning modules.

BeeCurious provides specific services to all the stakeholders in a child’s education – from parents, teachers, and administrators to the students. Our activity-based curricula mapped to the syllabus encourage children to understand, appreciate and apply the subject being taught. Our team attempts to give personalized attention to every child.

What is inside the box?

Every Hands-on STEM module includes

1. Project pack: Includes all the materials and tools required to complete the project

2. Curiosity Journal: Your kid’s assistant with friendly instructions and structured discoveries

3. Teacher Guides: A complete and comprehensive guide for effective lessons in the classroom

4. E-learning platform: Provides access to project videos, extensions and assessments

5. Y-Labs mobile app: Access to sensor-based data logging

Our modules are rigorously evaluated by subject experts and field tested with students to create an age-appropriate learning resource for you.

Our Products

Weather Instruments

In this module, students will investigate local weather and world climate. Through a ...

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Sorting materials

In this module, students explore and conduct tests to identify materials based on the...

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Earthquake Proof building

In this module, students make sense of the design challenges engineers face that aris...

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Ball launcher Challenge

In this fun Engineering Challenge, students build a device to launch a ball as far as...

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Encrypted Communication

In this module, students explore how coding can be used to protect information. By us...

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Exploring magnets

This module is all about exploring magnets. Students categorize different substances ...

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created to engage and inspire students with captivating hands-on activities relevant to their age group or grade level.

BeeCurious activities integrate standards into open lessons within the context of real-world phenomena and enables mastery of core concepts and skills for all kinds of minds.

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