Solids and Liquids


In this module, students differentiate solids, liquids and gases based on their properties. An inquiry-based comprehensive procedure makes it practical and easy for the students to label given substances as solids and liquids. Students further investigate how some solids behave like liquids.

Solids and Liquids – 1 Pack
Solids and Liquids – 25 - Class Pack
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Statutory requirement(s):
4Cm.02 Understand the difference between materials, substances and particles.
4Cm.01 Describe the particle model for solids and liquids.
4Cm.03 Know that particles are in constant motion, even when in a solid.
4Cp.01 Use the particle model to explain the properties of solids and liquids.
4Cp.02 Describe and explain how some solids can behave like liquids (e.g. powders), referring to the particle model.

Activities in the module:
CSPRB4YS448-Particle model of Solids and liquids
CSPRB4YS449-Difference between Solids and Liquids
CSPRB4YS450-Can solids behave like liquids?

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Year 3




1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack


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