Series Circuit


Students begin to make sense of the phenomenon of electricity through learning about circuits. Students build a circuit, differentiate between conductors and insulators and investigate the characteristics of series circuits.

Series Circuit – 1 Pack
Series Circuit – 25 - Class Pack
Series Circuit – 100 - School Pack
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Statutory requirement(s):
7Pe.01 Use a simple model to describe electricity as a flow of electrons around a circuit.
7Pe.02 Describe electrical conductors as substances that allow electron flow and electrical insulators as substances that inhibit electron flow.
7Pe.03 Know how to measure the current in series circuits.
7Pe.04 Describe how adding components into a series circuit can affect the current (limited to addition of cells and lamps).
7Pe.05 Use diagrams and conventional symbols to represent, make and compare circuits that include cells, switches, lamps, buzzers and ammeters.

Activities in the module:
PSMS88YS379-Model Simple electric circuit
PSMS88YS380-Test Conductiors and insulators
PSMS88YS381-Measure current in series circuit
PSMS88YS382-Explore Series circuit
PSMS88YS383-Construct a circuit with buzzer, lamp and motor

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Year 6




1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack


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