Separation of Solids


In this module, students are introduced to the distinctive properties of mixtures and solutions. The activities allow students to compare and contrast the physical characteristics of a few simple mixtures and solutions. Students discuss the separation of mixtures and solutions back into their original components and different applications of mixtures and solutions.

Separation of Solids – 1 Pack
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Statutory requirement(s):
3Cm.02 Understand that a mixture contains two or more materials, where the materials can be physically separated.
3Cp.02 Understand that materials, generally, retain their properties within a mixture.
3Cp.03 Describe how to separate solid/solid mixtures based on the physical properties of the solids (processes involving dissolving are not required).
3Cp.04 Describe how to separate a mixture of an insoluble solid and a liquid.
3Cc.01 Know that when a solid dissolves in a liquid the solid is still present, and this is an example of mixing.
3Cm.01 Know that materials can be solids, liquids or gases.
3Cp.01 Describe differences in the properties of solids and liquids.

Activities in the module:
CSPRA9YS434-Identify Solids Liquids and Gases
CSPRA9YS435-Identify mixtures
CSPRA9YS436-Solid Solid Separation
CSPRA9YS437-What happens if you dissolve solid in a liquid?
CSPRA9YS438-Solid Liquid Separation

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1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack


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