This module helps students develop the idea that by exploring the properties of light, we can create fun and useful things. During the study of light students will develop their science skills through inquiry, prediction, observation, exploration, discussion and recording. These lessons focus on students collaboratively problem solving, discovering and investigating to find answers and solutions. They will answer questions such as; what objects can be used to communicate over a distance? what happens when light is blocked or when materials of different kinds are placed in the path of a beam of light? Finally, apply properties of light to build a device that solves the problem of communicating over a distance.

Light – 1 Pack
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Disciplinary Core Idea:
PS4: Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

Performance Expectation(s):
1-PS4-2. Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that objects can be seen only when illuminated.
1-PS4-3. Plan and conduct an investigation to determine the effect of placing objects made with different materials in the path of a beam of light.
1-PS4-4. Use tools and materials to design and build a device that uses light or sound to solve the problem of communicating over a distance.

Activities in the module:
PSPR09YS051-Understanding how things are visible
PSPR09YS052-Interaction of light with different materials
PSPR09YS054-Types of Shadows
PSPR09YS055-Design Communication System using Light

American NGSS

Grade 1




1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack


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