Erosion Model


In this module, students explore five different forms of erosion which include chemical erosion, water erosion and wind erosion. They rotate through stations and model each type of erosion on rocks, soils and minerals. They record their observations and discuss the effects of erosion on the Earth’s landscape. Students learn about how engineers are involved in the protection of landscapes and structures from erosion. Students explore the past and present patterns of where volcanoes exist on the earth.

Erosion Model – 1 Pack
Erosion Model – 25 - Class Pack
Erosion Model – 100 - School Pack
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Activities in the module:
ESPR30YS133-Erosion by Wind, water and Glacier
ESPR30YS134-Mapping Volcanoes




1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack

Grade Level

Grade 4


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