Energy Conversion- Roller Coaster


In this module, students build their own model of roller coaster, and then analyze the working. Students begin in designing simple roller coaster and further exband it to make a complex one. During the process students examine conversions between kinetic and potential energy and frictional effects.

Energy Conversion- Roller Coaster – 1 Pack
Energy Conversion- Roller Coaster – 25 - Class Pack
Energy Conversion- Roller Coaster – 100 - School Pack
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Curriculum Connect(s):
Comparing the starting with the final conditions of a system and describing increases and decreases in the amounts of energy associated with movements, temperatures, changes in positions in a field, in elastic distortions and in chemical compositions.
Using physical processes and mechanisms, rather than energy, to explain the intermediate steps that bring about such changes.

Activities in the module:
PSMS45YS195-Simple Roller coaster
PSMS45YS196-Roller Coaster

English National Curriculum

Year 7, Year 8, Year 9




1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack


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