Eco System-Forest


In this module, students model a forest ecosystem to illustrate the concepts of food webs and ecological pyramids. Students will have a greater awareness of the ways in which energy, biomass, numbers transfer work to support life at each level of the food chain.

Eco System-Forest – 1 Pack
Eco System-Forest – 25 - Class Pack
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Statutory requirement(s):
8Be.01 Identify different ecosystems on the Earth, recognising the variety of habitats that exist within an ecosystem.
8Be.02 Describe the impact of the bioaccumulation of toxic substances on an ecosystem.
8Be.03 Describe how a new and/or invasive species can affect other organisms and an ecosystem.

Activities in the module:
LSMS50YS211-Food Chain
LSMS50YS212-Food Web
LSMS50YS213-Trophic Pyramid
LSMS50YS214-Flow of Energy
LSMS50YS215-Is the ecosystem sustainable?

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Year 7




1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack


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