Chemical Reactions


In this module, students analyze and interpret data to determine whether chemical reactions have taken place. Then they use models to explain what takes place at the atomic and molecular scale during a reaction. They also apply what they learn about chemical reactions to such problems as designing useful products such as design a hot pack and a cold pack.

Chemical Reactions – 1 Pack
Chemical Reactions – 25 - Class Pack
Chemical Reactions – 100 - School Pack
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Disciplinary Core Idea:
PS1: Matter and Its Interactions

Performance Expectation(s):
MS-PS1-2. Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.
MS-PS1-4. Develop a model that predicts and describes changes in particle motion, temperature, and state of a pure substance when thermal energy is added or removed.
MS-PS1-6. Undertake a design project to construct, test, and modify a device that either releases or absorbs thermal energy by chemical processes.

Activities in the module:
CSMS40YS169-Explore Reversible Changes
CSMS40YS170-Explore Irreversible Changes
CSMS40YS171-Model Particle motion
CSMS40YS172-Exothermic and Endothermic
CSMS40YS173-Hot and Cold Pack

American NGSS

Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8




1 Pack, 25 – Class Pack, 100 – School Pack


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