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Delivering award-winning K-10 hands-on STEM program that explores real-world phenomena through student-driven investigations and discovery.

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Child-centered “Hands-On” learning activities aligned to the schools’ curriculum and customised to the teachers’ needs.

What is inside the box?

Every Hands-on STEM module includes

1. Project pack: Includes all the materials and tools required to complete the project

2. Curiosity Journal: Your kid’s assistant with friendly instructions and structured discoveries

3. Teacher Guides: A complete and comprehensive guide for effective lessons in the classroom

4. E-learning platform: Provides access to project videos, extensions and assessments

5. Y-Labs mobile app: Access to sensor-based data logging

Our modules are rigorously evaluated by subject experts and field tested with students to create an age-appropriate learning resource for you.

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created to engage and inspire students with captivating hands-on activities relevant to their age group or grade level.

BeeCurious activities integrate standards into open lessons within the context of real-world phenomena and enables mastery of core concepts and skills for all kinds of minds.

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American Curriculum (NGSS)

English National Curriculum

Cambridge Curriculum


In achieving our mission to inspire ‘discovery learning’, ‘active engagement’ and ‘successful growth’, BeeCurious has worked with teachers and academics in developing a taxonomy consisting of two fundamental learning domains:
1. Progress – through reflection, integration, differentiation and evaluation (PRIDE)
2. Thinking – through concept development, contextual application, collaborative evaluation and confident differentiation (the CUBE model)

How BeeCurious helps?

BeeCurious delivers award-winning, hands-on STEM kits for students of K–10. We take big ideas and make them accessible and fun for students of all ages! This will be a meaningful and enriching engagement away from the screens. Each challenge is based on fundamental science phenomena and simulates realistic problems that a modern engineer may encounter, with similar design constraints.

Our happy customers

BeeCurious kits are open-ended and educational, aligned perfectly with curriculum standards. Dr.Bogusia MV

Materials are high quality, directions are wonderful, my 9 yo jumps in joy every time we get a new module. Leonard James

I love the BeeCurious activities, they are fun ways to learn about science. Sasha Williams, Grade 6 Student.